It’s always time for an upgrade!

People are flawed & in a state of constant self-improvement. It’s unreasonable to expect yourself to always do things the right way every time, Despite this, I think I too often expect otherwise. At work recently, I went to go update a project that had been worked the previous year. I had guides set up for the printable area of the printer but didn’t have guides set up for margins inside this printable area. Upon setting these guidelines up, I realized that every item on the page was very slightly off of the margins.

“Who could have been behind such a heinous crime?” I thought. “They ought to have their license to design revoked and be imprisoned for years.” Upon closer inspection, however, I discovered that I was the culprit. I was the criminal at large, and I should be serving my time in design jail.

I should really expect that I will improve on past mistakes. This goes not only for design, but life in general. We are constantly evolving in how we do things, and the faster we do the better, honestly. I feel like I’m a much better person now than I was years ago or even months ago. Self-improvement is the guiding force to positive change, and we should embrace our past mistakes as lessons to learn from. It means more that you recognize something as a mistake than it does that you made a mistake in the first place.

Whether it’s specifically with design or with any other aspect of your life, you shouldn’t be too hard on present-you for what past-you did. It can be frustrating at times, but upgrading yourself is very important. Look toward the future and look toward continuing to make past-you obsolete!